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Due to the coronavirus crisis all scheduled concerts have been cancelled. Some may be re-arranged for a later date.

  • 26/06 LUBLIN (Poland) - Inne Brzmienia Festival *CANCELLED / POSTPONED*
  • 27/06 HAARLEM - Patronaat, Kliko Fest *CANCELLED / POSTPONED*
  • 28/06 LÄRZ (Germany) - Fusion Festival *CANCELLED / POSTPONED*
  • 02/07 OSLO (Norway) - Motvind Festival *CANCELLED / POSTPONED*
  • 03/07 STAVANGER (Norway) - RIMI/IMIR Scenekunst *CANCELLED / POSTPONED*
  • 14/08 MIDDELHEIM (Belgium) - Jazz Middelheim *CANCELLED / POSTPONED*
  • 15/08 YVERDON-LES-BAINS (Switzerland) - Le Castrum Festival *CANCELLED / POSTPONED*
  • 12/09 HEERLEN - Nieuwe Nor / Festa Rossa *CANCELLED / POSTPONED*

19 June 2018

The Ex Festival - 30 September

As part of the 50th anniversary celebrations of Paradiso, the venue will be filled with diverse, stubborn and crackling music, all handpicked by The Ex from artists they've worked with in recent years.

Confirmed so far (more to follow)...
The Ex, Brader Musiki (Kurdistan), King Ayisoba (Ghana), Han Bennink, Gummbah and Leonard Bedaux Cinema, Kaja Draksler Octet, Drumband Hallelujah Makkum, Zewditu Yohannes / Endris Hassen / Misale Legesse (Ethiopia), Tijdelijke Toon, Heretics, George Hadow (England), Lena Hessels, Ken Vandermark (USA), HOWRAH, Kristoffer Alberts (Norway), Vincenzo Castellana (Italy), Oscar-Jan Hoogland, Massicot (Switzerland) and DJ Meda (Eritrea).

The Ex Festival - Paradiso 30 september 2018
16 May 2018

New Video: Soon All Cities

Our latest video clip — "Soon All Cities" from 27 Passports.

21 March 2018

27 Passports Out Now!

The Ex's new album 27 Passports is available now from ExMailorder in LP and CD versions.

2 January 2018


And already the best news of this year! A new The Ex album will be released March 22. It's called 27 Passports. We made a new set earlier last year, played it live a few times and recorded the music in three days last october at Electric Monkey in Amsterdam. It's mixed and mastered and already at the pressing plant. 10 Songs and a 36-page photobook by Andy. We can't wait to put it out! OK, you can get it, in about three months from now.

27 Passports album cover
“We always start from zero when we make a new album. We enter the rehearsal room with a few loose ideas, a riff or a beat and see what happens. There is always the risk that it doesn't work out. That risk is part of our music and of our lives.”

The Ex.

"The Ex released their previous regular studio album as a 4-piece (Catch My Shoe) in 2010. While that might seem like a long stretch, their schedule since then tells you another story. The band also released a second album with Ethiopian legend Getatchew Mekuria, and another one with Brass Unbound, featuring several of their friends from the realm of free improvisation. On top of that, there were also a few 7″ split-singles, several phenomenal birthday festivals and a lavish photo book that was published as a tribute to the late Getatchew Mekuria in 2016.

But now there’s new music. 27 Passports contains 10 songs. Two of these (“Soon All Cities” and “Four Billion Tulip Bulbs”) have been a part of their set for a while, but the others have only recently been road-tested, right before the four of them returned to the studio to capture that unmistakable “Ex energy”. The three-pronged guitar approach is still as exciting as ever, with the guitars of Andy Moor, Terrie Hessels and Arnold de Boer creating tense, interlocking webs of connections and drummer Katherina Bornefeld pushing the band with dancing, hypnotic patterns.

There are some remnants of their African adventures, but most of all, this is a return to the power of The Ex as a unit that effortlessly juggles noisy/disjointed guitar parts, trance-like grooves, defiant chanting and a relentless, infectious drive. Colourful and fierce at the same time, 27 Passports once again expands their horizon and enriches their sound, while remaining true to the core of their philosophy: Forward In All Directions!”

Guy Peters, Geraarsbergen, 2018.


Terrie + Arnold of The Ex
Photo by Susana Martins

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